Understanding the needs and expectations of AMC’s stakeholders

Understanding the needs and expectations of AMC’s stakeholders

Our success is considered to be the outcome of our commitment and dedication to all interested parties. This commitment and dedication aims to increase the trust of interested parties in our organization, bolstering the presence of our business and products in the competitive market. We aim to understand the needs and expectations of our stakeholders as follows …

·         Patients:

 We uphold that our furthermost interest is the health of the patients as clearly stated on our company website that "Our mission is Patient Health", and that we are committed to international health and safety standards as required.

·         Clients:

 We rededicate that the success of our clients is our own success, and we affirm this by constant communication and follow up to meet their needs and solve their problems.

·         Employees:

 Providing our employees with a stable life and stable career, as well as protecting them from safety and environmental hazards is considered to be a primary point in improving quality standards and encouraging innovation.

·         Suppliers:

We choose our suppliers carefully depending on reputation and we work on evaluating them, be they suppliers of raw materials, packaging materials, machines, molds, or other goods. We expect from our suppliers to be partners in our success and to uphold to our quality standards to provide the best products to our clients.

·         Shareholders and Owners:

 We do our utmost best to meet the organization's targets, productivity, and profitability.

-Governmental and Local parties, Universities, and Establishments:

 We consider ourselves as a vital part in improving our community, and we uphold our social responsibility by supporting the education of university students by providing practical training for them. We are also committed to local laws and regulations in all of our dealings.

·         The Environment:

 We assure that we take care of the environment's natural resources and avoid causing any environmental harm. Our practices cause no harm to the ozone layer and do not cause global warming or erosion. Further, we work on supporting a greener environment in our practices.

·         Energy Providers:

 We look to them with interest in order to decrease our energy expenditure and utilization.

·         Contractors:

 We build clear contracts that aim to achieve the goals of contracting parties and we uphold to local, governmental, or international standards when it comes to contractor contracts.

·         The Internet and Social Media:

We affirm our commitment towards online communication with others to understand their opinions, suggestions, and complaints. We are also dedicated towards online training for our employees.

·         Visitors:

 We demand that our visitors comply with standard procedure while visiting, as well as being very open and forward with them in terms of the production process, to encourage receiving their suggestions and opinions. Further, we aim to benefit our visitors with our knowledge and experience.



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